Paul Marioni

IGS 2015: Pačinek Glassworks, Lindava & Kolektiv Ateliers Glass Company, Nový Bor (spolupráce/cooperation)

Datum narození/Birthdate: *19. 7. 1941

Země původu/Country of origin: Ohio / Ohio
Země současného pobytu/Country of present residence: Washington / Washington

Blade / 2013

Oooo ha ha ha / 2012

Black jaguar / 2010

Foto z dílny a tvorba IGS 2015

foto: Václav Lahovský

foto: Anna Pleslová


Bachelor of Arts, English and Philosophy
1964–67 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
1963–64 San Francisco State University, San Francisco

Společné výstavy (výběr)/Collective exhibitions (selection)

2012 Tacoma Art Museum, MARIONI FAMILY, Tacoma
2011 William Traver Gallery, All Over The Place, Seattle
2007–2008 The Bellevue Art Museum, THE PREMONITION, one man show, Bellevue
2006 William Traver Gallery, 12 PAINTINGS/12 SCULPTURES, Seattle
2005 Imago Gallery, SPACE/TIME, Palm Springs
2003–2005 American Studio Glass: A Survey of the Movement
Fairfield Art Museum + 7 Museums National Tour
2003 A New Millennium, A New Light: A Survey of Architectural Glass Art, Louisville Visual Art Ass
2002 City Space, Northwest Masters, Seattle
Traver Gallery, Twenti-fifth Anniversary Exhibition, Seattle
1997–2000 Trashformations: Recycled Materials, 12 Museums National Tour
1998 William Traver Gallery, Enigmas, Seattle
Bush Barn Art Center, You and Me, Salem
Fresno Art Museum, Marioni/Marioni, Fresno
Holter Museum of Art, Telling Compelling Tales, Helena
1997–99 Calido!: Contemporary Warm Glass, 10 Museums National Tour
1995 William Traver Gallery, Pilchuck Pioneers, Seattle
Jewish Museum, Light Interpretations: Menorah Invitational, San Francisco
Glasmuseum Frauenau, V. Internationales, Frauenau
1994–1995 American Craft Museum, Form and Light, New York
1992–1995 Clearly Art, 12 Museums National Tour
1994 Bellevue Art Museum, The Beauty of Painted Glass, Bellevue
1993 Oakland Art Museum, 100 Years- California Crafts, Oakland
3rd International Symposium, Stolzle-Oberglas Barnbach
Corning Museum of Glass, Intern. Conferences on Environmental Glass, Corning
1989–1993 Craft Today USA, 15 Museums European Tour
1990–1991 Corning Museum of Glass, 200 Objects, Russia Tour
1986–1988 American Craft Museum, Craft Today: Poetry of the Physical, New York
1978–1982 Corning Museum of Glass, New Glass: A Worldwide Survey, World Tour
1979 Hessisches Landesmuseum, Das Bild In Glas, Darmstadt
1978–1980 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Americans in Glass, National Tour
1978 Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York
1975–1978, 1980 Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, Washington


2009 Libensky Award
1997 National Terrazzo Association, IL, Recognition Award
1993 Pacific Northwest Annual, Bellevue Art Museum, WA, First Prize
1992 Kristallnacht Project”, Silver Award
1989 National Endowment for the Arts, Fellowship Grant
1982 National Endowment for the Arts, Building Arts Fellowship
1976 National Endowment for the Arts, Fellowship Grant

Pocty a vyznamenání/Honors

2004 Lifetime Achievement Award, Glass Art Society
Fellow of the American Crafts Council
Board Member APAC, Pilchuck Glass School
Honorary Life Member, BC Glass Arts Association, Canada
1984–1986 Board of Directors, Glass Art Society

Veřejné sbírky/Public Collection

  • The Museum of Glass, Tacoma
  • WA State Arts Commission Art Collection
  • King County Public Art Collection, Seattle
  • Smithsonian, National Museum of American Art, Washington
  • American Crafts Museum, New York
  • Corning Museum of Glass, Corning
  • Yamaha Corporation, Tokyo
  • Oakland Art Museum, Oakland
  • Verein Steinsches Glaskunstmuseum, Barnbach
  • Glasmuseum Frauenau, Frauenau
  • Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt
  • The Microsoft Collection, Redmond
  • The Safeco Corporate Art Collection, Seattle

Vybrané realizace v architektuře/Select Architectural Commissions

2014–2018 Sound Transit, lead artist, main station, Bellevue
2013 IN FLIGHT, Love Field Airport, Dallas
2009 Cascades, Seattle City Light, Seattle
200? Consilience, University of Houston
2004 Reflection Fountain, US Courthouse, USGA, Seattle
2003 Our Place In Space, King Co. Intern. Airport, Cultural Development Authority of King Co., Seattle
2001 Liquid Light, Safeco Redmond Campus, Seattle
2000 Hetch Hetchy, 150 California Street Financial Building, San Francisco
1999 Sonora, George and Jane Russell, Tucson
River of Glass, WA State Liquor Board, WA State “% for Art” program, Seattle
Nest, King County Court House, King County Arts Commission, Seattle
Water=Energy, Seattle City Light South Center, Seattle “% for Art”, Seattle
Energy=Light, Seattle City Light Apprentice Training, Seattle “% for Art”, Seattle
1997 Reflection Wall, Swedish Medical Center Interfaith Chapel, Seattle
Pillars, Burbank Police/ Fire Facility, Burbank “% for Art” program, Burbank
1996 Shelter, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, WA State “% for Art” program, Pullman
1993 Cat Man Do, Lloyd Herman, Bellingham
The Further I Look, the More I See, Eye Clinic, University Medical Center, Seattle
Light Columns, Pier 69 Headquarters, Port of Authority, Seattle
Reflections, Chapel, Salvation Army 's NW Headquarters, Seattle
Check It Out!, Bellevue Regional Library, Bellevue
1991 Hohuq and Kotsuis”, Doug and Dale Anderson, New York
Elements, Easthill Fire Station Headquarters, Kent “% for Art” program, Kent
1990 Jungle Garden, Stoel Rives Boley Jones and Grey, Seattle, WA 1990
1989 Seven Figures and Portal, Greenlake Community Center “% for Art” program, Seattle
1984 Khadi, Police Precinct North, Seattle “% for Art” program, Seattle
1983 The Human Spirit, Timberline Lodge (Federal), Mt. Hood
1977 Stanford, Stanford University, Palo Alto

Pedagogické zkušenosti/Select Teaching

2003 What’s The Big Idea? Our Collaboration And More…, Waterford
1974–88, 1996, 2001 Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood
1978, 1988–1990, 1994, 1996, 2000 Penland School of Crafts, Penland
1974–77 San Francisco State University, San Francisco
California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland
1973–74 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco

Pocty a vyznamenání/Honors

2004 Lifetime Achievement Award, Glass Art Society
Fellow of the American Crafts Council
Board Member APAC, Pilchuck Glass School
Honorary Life Member, BC Glass Arts Association, Canada
1984–1986 Board of Directors, Glass Art Society