The youngest generation of artists will be presented in the Student Section

Seven students from four universities, one college and two high schools have applied to participate in the student section. Lukáš Novák, representing the University of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, will blow glass into plaster molds at glassworks. Tereza Anderlová will represent Tomas Bata University in Zlín. She will create statuettes of Venus using hot glass shaping. Jan Salanský will represent Technical University of Liberec. He has not chosen yet between working with hot glass at the glassworks and fusing. Martin Opl from the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně will work with glass in the cutting workshop. Jiřina Čern á representing the Glass College will present the painting technique on set of clear cylinders. Glass School in Kamenický Šenov sends Martin Jašontek to use the technique of fusing while working with water jet cut clear flat glass. Josefína Váchová will represent The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod and decorate in painting plates created by fusing.

The IGS organizers have again included Student Section in the program of the symposium this year. The organizer of this section is Glass School Nový Bor. The organizers consider traditional participation of students as an important part of the symposium since it provides a refreshing confrontation of youth and experience. The students will meet well-known artists and craftsmen, which can become a very important experience before they start their own professional careers. The past has also shown that those most talented are able to create original art pieces in the inspiring symposium atmosphere.

As last time, the Student Section in painting techniques will take place at the workshops of company Crystalex CZ. Crystalex will not only provide help of its skilled glass masters and other experts but also their own glass shapes to participants from among high school students of the Liberec region. The number of students will be settled by Crystalex representatives based on the agreement with schools; individual students will be chosen by school managements.

Students of glass studios at universities and colleges of the Czech Republic will have an opportunity to work in the workshops of Glass School Nový Bor. Each studio’s master will choose one representative who will have a chance to realize his or her design in engraved or cut glass, fusing, stained glass, painted glass, or other complementary techniques. Hand shaping and blowing of glass can be carried out only before the symposium itself due to capacity reasons; other techniques can be done in real time of IGS 2015.

During the Student Section of IGS 2015 there will be a rich program presenting young artists, e.g. a drum show of a band “Hluchá parta” (Deaf Band), music performances of “Jazzová farma” (Jazz Farm) and a fashion show of students from Textile High School Liberec who will present their own fashion designs together with jewelry made at Nový Bor Glass School.

(Students from Nový Bor will partake in the symposium also as assistants during its organization or as personal assistants to famous artists and masters of the craft at glassworks. Students from Glass School in Kamenický Šenov will be helping due to a partnership with Preciosa Lighting during the symposium at their glassworks. This attractive proposition awaits also a group of students from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, who will get an extra assignment to react with their own art work to work of the artists that will be entrusted in their hands during the IGS.)